2 Steps to Boost Quality Scores

by Todd Julien on January 14, 2013

Improve Keyword Quality ScoresYour Adwords Quality score can have a huge impact on your ad campaign. In fact, it can extend even further than that, in some cases making or breaking a business!

That’s because when your Adwords Quality Score (QS) goes up, your Cost Per Click (CPC) goes down. This saves money for every merchant; and for those who depend on large volume and small margins, it can mean the difference between massive debt vs. massive success.

“But how can I raise my Adwords Quality Score?” you may be asking. It’s actually easier than you might think. The right pay per click management & quality content can add up to big savings and big profits for your Adwords campaign.

Relevant Content–And Plenty of It!

No, you don’t have to write a novel’s-worth of content for each of your landing pages. But you should definitely avoid pages with thin content!

Keep in mind that your landing pages may be double-checked by a Google employee at any time. That’s why it’s important to make sure your content reads well and is relevant (i.e. doesn’t come off as spammy).

Google also has an algorithm to check the relevance of your landing pages, so make sure they include the same keywords as your ads!

Proper PPC Management

There are a lot of reasons why quality PPC management is important for your Adwords campaign–reasons that extend beyond just your QS. For our purposes today, the most important thing to think about is Adgroups.

Simply put, when you arrange your ads into groups of similar keywords and/or ads with similar success rates, Google will cut you a little bit of a break. But this can only happen if you–or the right pay per click management firm–has the time, knowledge, and experience to group your ads the way they should be grouped.

The right pay per click campaign management affects so much more than just your Quality Score. Good PPC management will keep you from falling off a cliff–and will ramp up your campaign at just the right moments to capture the most profit. You owe it to yourself and your business to make sure your campaign is managed the way it should be!


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