When the Display Network is Better Than Search

by Todd Julien on January 17, 2013

The Google Display network can work better than the Google search network.When is the content/display network better than search for your PPC campaign? Many small business owners and marketing managers say, “Never!”. And for most purposes, they may be right.

But experienced paid search management professionals have experienced the times that the display network (also known as content network) really is better than the ultra-targeted search. Today, we’d like to share a little of that hard-won PPC management wisdom with you.

1. Branding

The point of branding isn’t to make an immediate sale. Instead, it is to build your brand identity. And while click-throughs are always important, you can use the display network to successfully brand, even when you don’t have a high click-through rate.

As many paid search management professionals will tell you, communicating your brand’s message is more important than an immediate action in this case. Ads for this type of campaign often focus more on delivering that message than in “selling the click”. While ads meant for branding should still have a strong call to action, the whole ad doesn’t necessarily have to work towards enticing customers to click, like with search.

In other words, if your campaign is about branding more than about leads or direct sales, it’s important that your PPC ads do as much to carry your brand message, as they do to entice customers to direct action.

2. Remarketing

One of the biggest features of Google’s recently-remodeled Display Network is its remarketing function (Facebook features similar functionality). This allows you to display ads to potential customers who’ve either seen your other ads but didn’t click, or who have clicked on your ads, but didn’t convert.

You’ve probably already heard the statistic that the average customer needs to see a marketing message seven times in order to take action. And while most paid search management veterans know that statistic is inflated a little bit (or at least not consistent with the online experience), it’s a simple fact that showing your ad to interested customers multiple times, results in more conversions.

There may also be other times you will save money or increase your net profits by using the content/display networks. Those situations are best handled by a good PPC management firm or professional on a case-by-case basis. But the two situations listed above–branding and remarketing–will always be very well served by showing your ads on the display network.

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