Optimizing Your Website w/ PPC Metrics

Given the factors that affect pay per click (PPC) advertising, advertisers have control over the type of websites they target for ad placement. If they change the keywords in their campaign, it will also change the types of websites they’re targeting. On the other hand, websites should have good content and keywords to entice advertisers […] Read more

5 Adwords Setup Tips

A Google AdWords campaign is not just about running a simple advertisement. With so many things to consider and with tight competition, it gets more complicated each day. AdWords works but to get results, you have to be involved. A small business may or may not have the time and resources to set up an […] Read more

Selecting Profitable Keywords

Keywords are the most important element in any advertising campaign including Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. These keywords should propel advertisements to land on relevant searches. However, advertisers struggle in choosing the right keywords because some keywords have a high Cost Per Click (CPC). On the other hand, there are keywords that are low in […] Read more

Google Adwords? Facebook Ads? Or Both?

To quote Henry Ford, “When business is good, it pays to advertise; but when business is bad, you’ve got to advertise.” In this age of social networking, what advertising method should you use — Google Adwords or Facebook Ads? They both sound good, being on top of their field. However, what’s the difference and how […] Read more

Are Your Clicks Driving Conversions?

Clicks, when measured, are great in pay-per-click advertising. However, to be an effective PPC ad, clicks SHOULD turn into revenue. Otherwise, the business is just spending money on PPC advertising without any progress. How do you make each click count? Here are some ways: (1) Improve the content on the landing page. Although videos and […] Read more

5 Tips To Grow Your Business w/ PPC Advertising

It’s no longer a secret that Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising works for businesses. As a business owner it’s time to start taking advantage of it.  Here are five things that will show them how: 1. Take advantage of this affordable and results-driven vehicle PPC ads target a specific audience with targeted keywords. Therefore, businesses […] Read more

5 PPC Best Practices

For PPC advertisers, it pays to follow some of the industry’s best practices to make it to the top. Here are some of the best practices that you may adopt. 1. Start Thinking Consumer-Initiated Marketing Rather Than PPC New options are now available for online advertisers to create more sophisticated and complex online marketing campaigns. […] Read more

PPC Banner Ad Tips

Advertising plays a vital role in the growth of any form of business. With the advent of e-commerce, the advertising techniques have undergone lots of changes. The traditional billboards are now transformed into banner ads in the online world. Businessmen now utilize the internet as an effective platform for promoting their products/services across the world […] Read more

Writing Compelling Ad Text

There’s no doubt, we have developed a sense of numbness towards marketing messages over time, be it on TV commercials, online ads, or those billboards pleading for a second look. PPC ads are no different. “No, thanks,” you’ll say even if on some level, you have an iota of interest. This brings us to ask: […] Read more


There are two internet marketing techniques that are popular among beginning entrepreneurs: pay-per-click advertising (PPC) and free search engine optimization (SEO). This article does not even offer an end to the discussion but it aims to look on how both can work for the budding entrepreneur’s advantage. PPC advertising drives immediate relevant traffic to a […] Read more