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Succeed by following best practices

Solid AdWords management is about more than just getting visitors to your site. It’s about targeting the potential customers who are ready to make a purchase. Is your PPC campaign management as effective as it could be? Fill out our simple form and receive a free detailed review of your current Pay-Per-Click campaign and discover how you can increase efficiency, lower costs, and boost your ROI.

Free AdWords/Bing Review

A Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign can attract a huge number of visitors to your website, but profitability depends on proper management. At we offer a free AdWords/Bing account review to help determine opportunities to improve management, increase efficiency, and boost ROI. This detailed review will provide information on PPC best practices and suggest actions you can take to improve your campaign.

Even if you have been involved with PPC search engine marketing for a while, are you certain that you are taking advantage of every opportunity? With this review you can find out what you are doing well, and where there is even more room to increase your returns. In this analysis we examine:

1. Account Structure and Organization

Your PPC campaign structure is extremely important, and you need to make sure the right messages and keywords are fully incorporated and that the campaign themes are synchronized with the Ad Groups. Effective AdWords marketing requires a strong synchronization between campaign elements.

2. Keywords & Keyword Cost/Conversion Ratio

Are you matching keywords and ads to content specific pages? This kind of matching leads to a better user experience and a higher ROI. We also look at the cost breakdown of converting vs. non-converting keywords so you can start saving money on the words that do not perform well and repurpose it toward more lucrative channels.

3. Ad Text

Is your messaging specific and clear? Does it cater to the right products or services? Your text needs to be tied to the proper pages and keywords so your visitors know exactly what they can do when they reach your site. This text should be clear enough to state your purpose and attractive enough to stand out from the competition. Competition is growing, ad testing is critical to a successful AdWords management campaign.

4. Display Network

There is a massive network of websites, news sites, and blogs that partner with Google to display relevant ads. This is different from placing ads in Google search results, and it is important to understand that difference if you are going to leverage this network to its fullest effect.

When you are proactive about your advertising, Pay-Per-click can be an extremely effective marketing channel. Request your free AdWords marketing account review today and find out how you can start driving highly targeted traffic and leads to your website.