Friday Special: DIY PPC Tips

The team up at has offered up the following tips for the do-it-yourself PPCer: Read the full news story… Read more

5 DIY PPC Quick Tips

When you do something all day, it becomes so commonplace to you that you  forget that what you’re doing might be considered obscure to the  general public.  The other day was one of those days for me in regard to  PPC. Read the full story… Read more

Internet Marketing 101 Coming to a High School Near You

Internet marketing continues to be a quickly growing field, making a big impact in school course offerings. Courses in Internet marketing start as early as high school, and students at Utah’s Davis High School are learning to look at websites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in a whole new light. Read the full news story… Read more

New Course Teaches Kids Internet Marketing Skills

Educators are putting the final touches  on a brand new course that will teach kids about Internet  marketing.  Even though it’s in the infancy stages now,  it’s already catching the attention of marketing firms. Read the full news story… Read more Offers Five Do-it-Yourself Tips for Better Pay-Per-Click Advertising on Google

Nearly seven in 10 retailers expect their online retail sales to increase at  least 15 percent this holiday season from last year, according to’s  eHoliday survey. Read the full press release… Read more

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