Conversion Tracking

When a potential customer clicks on your ad, this is just the beginning of your relationship. We need to know what happens after the click to make sure your campaign is performing well and delivering the necessary ROI. Conversion tracking helps us discover which keywords are doing well, which are underperforming, and provides the necessary data to streamline the entire ad campaign.

What is Conversion Tracking?

After a customer clicks on your ad and lands on a specific page of your website, we can start to track conversions. This works by placing a small snippet of HTML on the targeted webpage, then, when a visitor arrives on the site, it creates a temporary cookie that will allow us to record their actions on the site.

We will be able to see who signed up for a subscription, who made a purchase, and who simply requested more information. This kind of hard data from AdWords conversion tracking will give us the foundation we need to build a more profitable campaign.