Landing Page Creation

When someone clicks on your ad, this is only the first step of the sales process, and how you present yourself when they arrive on your site will have a huge impact on whether they choose to stay and do business. At we can help with the landing page creation process to ensure that your brand is represented well and your customers can quickly find the information they need.

Why Landing Pages are Important

When a new customer arrives on your landing page, you’ve only got a few seconds to convince them to spend a few more. Where the original ad text was focused on attracting a single click, your Pay-Per-Click landing page has to convince someone to buy your products or sign up for your services. If they don’t see what they want within those first seconds, they will exit your site and look somewhere else.

A good landing page will present your marketing message in a clear, concise manner. It will inform your customers where they are, what they can do here, and why they should do it. This information needs to support your brand, and the page architecture should make it as easy as possible to continue through the sales process.

Whether you want your customers to sign up for a newsletter or purchase a large-ticket item, the landing page needs to help visitors feel comfortable taking an action on your website. We can help you present a strong, branded message that complements the other components of the PPC marketing campaign. Contact us today to learn more.