All Resort

Type of Site:  Lead Generation

The Business

All Resort Group is a group of affiliated limo / transport companies in the Greater SLC area. They started with the All Resort brand but have branched out and purchased other competing brands in the area.

The Challenge

All Resort had just parted ways with their former agency.  The PPC campaign had experienced high average Cost-per-clicks and CPL’s.  This was resulting in a high number of clicks which weren’t converting.

The Solution

Decreased keyword bids based upon ROI data.
Increased keyword bids based upon ROI data.
Implemented new ad text.
Synced up Keywords, ads, and site.

The Results

The average CPC decreased $0.38 from $1.56 to $1.18.
The CPL dropped $7.72 from $21.62 to $13.90.
Spending decreased 58%