Seat Covers Unlimited

The Business is a manufacturer and supplier of high quality, custom car seat covers for virtually every make and model of vehicle around today. They offer high quality products at very competitive prices, and in fabrics ranging from leather and sheepskin to leopard print and camouflage.

The Challenge

Because of the very high volume of search traffic for “seat cover” related terms, the PPC account of Seat Covers Unlimited had become a bit unruly to manage. Campaigns and ad groups had been structured in a way that made it difficult to tell where sales were coming from, and where money was being spent that was not improving the bottom line for the company. Worse yet, ad costs had begun to eat heavily into profits, making it hard to justify growing the ad campaign further.

The Solution

The experts at PurePPC immediately began working to evaluate the extensive account history that Seat Covers Unlimited had accumulated. Based on this very useful data, a new set of campaigns was created that started doing a much better job of going after only the traffic that had the best likelihood of converting to sales. The new structure provided a context in which the company could drastically improve the ROI of the PPC campaign, and justify the expansion of the PPC campaign as a valuable revenue generator.

The Results

Average Cost Per Click: 40% Decrease

Average Cost Per Sale: 44% Decrease

Monthly Sales: 166% Increase